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Products we are looking for:

  • Toys
  • Games
  • Any Juvenile Related Items Including Infant Products
  • Hobby Items
  • Sports Items
  • Novelty Items
  • Children's Interactive Books
  • Adult and Child Oriented Movie Scripts
  • Health and Beauty Items, including any devices, over the counter preparations, hair and skin care and/or enhancement items, and any other items related to this area.
  • Any Household, Sports, Exercise or any other product which you might feel would be useful for Television Infomercials.

toy agents for toy inventions, inventors and toy licensing and toy marketingUnlike many so called invention marketing companies whom you might hear of or see advertised in various media, CREATIVE GROUP MARKETING DOES NOT CHARGE ANY FRAUDULENT OR EXCESSIVE UP FRONT FEES FOR DUBIOUS EVALUATIONS, OR FOR USELESS PATENT DATA FOR YOUR PRODUCT. WE ALSO DO NOT CHARGE A SUBMISSION FEE.

If we can provide you with any advice via the Internet it would be to stay away from any of those companies that allegedly offer marketing, patenting, licensing and evaluation services for excessive fees. Almost all of them are fraudulent operations whose sole purpose is to separate you from your money. (However, please be aware that some legitimate agents do charge for their time and expenses). We would strongly suggest that you seek the guidance of the United States Federal Trade Commission if you have any questions regarding these companies. If you need patent, trademark, copyright or related services you should only use independent registered Patent Attorneys, Agents or other Attorneys that specialize in the services you require.

If you require patenting, trademark or other legal services, and you do not have your own attorney, we may, at your request, be able to refer you to a Registered Patent Attorney or Agent*.

* All consultations, with any attorney referred by Creative Group Marketing are private and confidential and are in no way associated with Creative Group Marketing. Any fee structures which may be required of referrals to any attorneys are strictly between client and attorney. Creative Group Marketing receives no funding or fees from said referrals.

toy agents for toy inventions, inventors and toy licensing and toy marketing