CREATIVE GROUP MARKETING and the associated companies with whom it often works, was originally created and formed by Attorneys, Professional Licensing Agents, Brokers and other Inventors for Professional Inventors, Amateur Inventors and Toy Designers. Additionally, we often employ the use of top professional designers, technical consultants, specialists and other independent attorneys to aid in getting your concept/product/invention to the marketplace.

As I am sure you realize, our area of business is one of the most sought after and competitive in the world. There are enormous amounts of unsolicited materials sent to toy companies and manufacturers which they simply cannot adequately handle or properly assess. As such, almost all concept/product/invention submissions received by these companies are most often referred to recognized agents or brokers in the field for professional evaluation, representation and licensing possibilities. CREATIVE GROUP MARKETING, along with our associated companies, are such brokers/agents. As Toy brokers/agents we have access to virtually every toy manufacturer in the United States and Foreign Markets. We are also recognized throughout the Health and Beauty and Television Infomercial industries as well.

In addition to our superior experience, knowledge, expertise and access, you and your product(s) may be potentially provided with:

  1. Product Development
  2. TV Syndication
  3. Research & Consultation
  4. Venture & Investment Capital
  5. Marketing Services
  6. Product & Character Licensing
  7. Prototyping
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights*

*Subject to prior written, agreed upon terms and conditions.
An independent registered patent agent or attorney would be required.

"Selling Your Idea or Invention, The Birthplace to Marketplace Guide" which was written by Gary Ahlert, President of Creative Group Marketing, and Sonny Bloch, a former national talk show host, is available at your local library.

Creative Group Marketing has been featured on or in:

CNBC, NBC Network, CBS Network, FOX Network, CNN, WVOX, WOR, WNLK, WGCH, WSTC, WFAX, NPR, STEALS & DEALS, INSIDE EDITION, REPORT ON BUSINESS, ROBB REPORT & featured in The New York Times and numerous other publications as well as many other local and network Radio and Television programs, both in the U.S., and Canada

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