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Creative Group Marketing is the licensor for the famous AIRZOOKA (click for more links)

 featured in Movies and Television throughout the world.

CREATIVE GROUP MARKETING, a Stamford, Connecticut Toy Licensing, Toy agent, Toy Marketing and licensor/brokerage firm is looking for new ideas and products.
We are one of the Premier toy licensing firms in the country with specialties in the Toy inventions, Games, Children’s, Juvenile & Baby Products, Hobby, Sports, Health & Beauty Product and INFOMERCIAL Industries.
We are receptive to any and all new concepts in those fields in addition to any other interesting inventions that you, as an inventor, may feel have some merit or value to the marketplace. We are also looking for Children’s Interactive Books and Adult and Child Oriented Movie Scripts and Concepts.

As toy licensing and toy marketing agents/brokers we work closely with kids inventors in helping to get their toy inventions, their games, their children’s products and their baby products as well as all other concepts and inventions to the marketplace through licensing to companies both domestically and internationally. Inventors, innovators and inventions are the backbone of any economy. The Toy Industry is almost totally inventor dependent. As such our industry, which is constantly changing, is always looking for new and original kid’s inventions, game inventions, children’s products and inventions of all sorts.

In addition to toy licensing and toy marketing we specialize in licensing the following products from inventors and creators: Toy inventions, game inventions, inventions for kids, board games, children’s games, children’s toys, baby products, hobby, sports and health and beauty.